Sleeping arrangements for twins

When it comes to sleeping arrangements for twins, there are two options: fragmented nights or pure happiness.
One of the things that I spent a lot of time worrying about before the twins were born was the sleeping arrangements for the two little ones. Holding a sleeping infant in your arms is the most lovely thing in the world, but when you have two kids, things become a little more difficult to manage.

To be able to sleep in between their waking hours, we had to figure out a means to sleep ourselves. The identical crib was used to keep them together when we brought them home from the hospital. As a result, we had to buy two cribs, which made the already-small room even smaller. However, our babies were so small that they fit well in only one crib. Not to mention the fact that we believed them sleeping together would make them feel more secure. And it was a fantastic success. For a very little period of time…

The nights were extremely disjointed.

When they began to wake up multiple times during the night, and when the colic began, we began to bring them into our bed with us so that we could hold and comfort them more effectively. Because they didn’t always wake up at the same time, our nights were extremely disjointed and disorganized. But we managed to get through it.

I recall a certain morning in particular. It was quite early in the morning, and the sun was just beginning to rise. Jade was comfortably resting in my arms, while Ben was snuggled up next to his father. I recall thinking to myself how fantastic it was that we had made it through the night without dying. Even though it had been exhausting, that was not the way I was feeling at the time. I was simply taking in the gorgeous daybreak and couldn’t wait to get some coffee in my hands. Of course, this was not the case on every morning. After a while, sleep deprivation began to take its toll.

Separate cribs were provided individually

When they were a bit older, we began to separate them into their own cribs to sleep. That didn’t turn out to be a very successful attempt. Not only did they not like sleeping in the cribs, but we also missed having them close by when we were awake. Babies are, in fact, a physical addiction. It’s true that kids can ruin your sleep and turn you into a zombie, but when they do sleep, it’s the most calm and beautiful thing that can happen. Not to mention that they used to roll over in their sleep and try to find us in our beds, as if they could sense us.

Before they turned one year old, though, things became a little more tricky. My husband’s job required him to be out of the country for several months at a time, leaving me to care for the children alone at home while he was away. I tried to figure out the ideal sleeping technique for them, especially since their mobility and energy levels were already quite high by that point. Once again, my hope was that they would sleep in their cribs at night. As a result, we positioned our bed in the center and their cribs on either side. As you can expect, it’s quite feng shui. I had a daring dream in which I placed them in their cribs, gave them their bottles, and waited for them to finish their milk before allowing them to fall asleep on their own in their own beds. And it was successful. Once! It was a truly unforgettable evening!

Picnic with the twins in the evening

Following that magnificent period, the sleeping time hostilities commenced. After numerous failed attempts and the death of a large number of my brain cells, I was able to discover a solution. It wasn’t particularly attractive, but it served its purpose.

I used to spread a blanket on the floor of the living room and have a mini picnic in the middle of the night. The fact that my husband had taught Ben to sip his milk on the sofa and go to sleep on his own was a big help, as you might imagine. That, on the other hand, did not work with Jade. So I rocked him to sleep on my legs while Ben found his perfect spot on the blanket beside me, and he fell asleep shortly after. It took some time, but eventually they were able to fall asleep. Afterwards, I would gently carry them to their own cribs.

The most amusing aspect was when they would wake up hungry in the middle of the night. In the meantime, I would lay them both in the same crib and go make their formula while they were both screaming uncontrollably in the background. When I returned with the bottles, they looked like two fat newborn birds eagerly awaiting their first meal.

Moments of pure magic that will never be repeated

When they realized they could climb the crib and get into my bed, the feng shui layout began to crumble completely. As a result, the cribs remained in place for a while as safety barriers to ensure that the children did not fall asleep in them during the night. However, after a while, they were no longer there. Ben and Jade are now three years old and continue to sleep with us. It’s crowded and occasionally unpleasant, and I know kids will eventually have to sleep in their own beds, but I don’t want that day to arrive any sooner than it has to.

According to what I’ve read, studies have shown that it is really beneficial for children to sleep in the same bed as their parents until they are three years old. It’s fantastic, and it’s also beneficial for the parents, in my opinion. These are one-of-a-kind experiences that will never be repeated. This connection will soon shift or disappear because they are developing so quickly. In that case, I enjoy this uncomfortable arrangement since I can hear and smell their beautiful breath, and it brings me absolute satisfaction.

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