Pregnancy Week 9

During pregnancy week 9, some women feel a stabbing pain in their breasts: they are already preparing to breastfeed.

The embryo is between 13 and 20 mm long and weighs about 2 grams. Its size has almost doubled since last week!

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 9

Your body doesn’t change much from the outside compared to the previous week. Only your breasts increase in size to prepare for breastfeeding. Some women experience stabbing pain, others have a pleasant feeling.

You are just entering your third month of pregnancy, and maybe you could be showing a bit even if you still don’t have a baby bump yet. Many women have already gained a few pounds around this time. This is mainly due to water retention and increased blood flow.

Hormone production will stabilize during the third month and the symptoms you experienced in early pregnancy will gradually disappear. But it is also normal to experience symptoms like those you have experienced in previous weeks (mood swings, morning sickness, fatigue, frequent urination, etc).

Baby Development

The neck, face, ears, and fingers are formed. The face gradually takes shape, eyelids appear, and the lower jaw becomes visible, even if there is only one opening for the mouth and nose. Dental buds appear and the optic nerve is already able to work.

Pregnancy Week 9: What To Do?

It’s time to take special care of your breasts by applying stretch mark creams! Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water (about 1.5 liters a day), since during pregnancy, your kidneys work for two.

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