Pregnancy Week 8

During pregnancy week 8, the first external changes on the woman’s body can take place. Inside, however, rapid processes are already underway. The embryonic phase is reaching its end, and the fetal phase is about to begin.

With the hormonal peak, the small discomforts of pregnancy are there and should not leave you in peace this week. At this point, and even if you can’t feel it yet, the baby is already moving!

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 8

You are almost 2 months pregnant at 8 weeks. Your uterus is about the size of a lemon – too small to be visible but you will still feel the effects of pregnancy. Hormone levels are at their maximum, causing some discomforts that have already existed in the past few weeks.

Nausea, tiredness, dizziness, constipation can be part of your day. To make things worse, poor blood circulation due to increased blood flow causes heaviness in the legs. Cramps and lower abdominal pain can occur when the uterus expands. Some women experience tension or contractions in the uterus.

Baby Development

Your baby’s limbs are growing longer and fingers begin to develop. The head represents nearly half the volume of his body and the face gradually takes shape: the tongue, nostrils, and mouth appear.

The upper lip and nose formed, the eyes are visible, and the shell-shaped of your baby’s ears are also forming. By the end of this week, your baby might be about 12 to 14 mm and weighs around 1.7 g. He looks like a bean.

Pregnancy Week 8: What To Do?

You may have your first prenatal exam around this time – an 8-week pregnancy appointment, and if you do, you may get a preview of your 8-week fetus on the ultrasound. Check with your doctor about pregnancy examinations. 

Ensure that you have sufficient intakes of calcium, iron, vitamin B-9, vitamin D, and essential fatty acids. Limit sugary products and salt consumption. You should also drink between 8 and 10 (ounce glasses) of water a day unless your doctor tells you otherwise. 

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