Pregnancy Week 36

Only 4 weeks left! Birth can, therefore, take place at any time. Digestive disorders and frequent urination may appear during your pregnancy week 36, choose smaller and more frequent meals during the day.

The baby has moved into the pelvis, his head is pointing down and you can clearly feel the pressure. His main activity is gaining weight and energy for his first appearance!

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 36

Now that the discomforts that affected you early in pregnancy are back, time may seem a little longer. As your baby gets bigger and slightly lower, he puts a lot of pressure on your bladder, causing frequent urination. You may also feel tickling in the pelvic area.

The painful acidic returns will reappear again, and the slightest effort will take your breath away! To make things worse, your breasts get heavier and more painful. Other symptoms you may possibly have right now include heartburn, constipation, back pain, pelvic pain, and hemorrhoids.

Baby Development

At 43 cm and 2.2 kg, the baby’s face and body are well rounded. His organs have matured, except for the lungs, which still need a little more time. Every day, the baby swallows a certain amount of amniotic fluid – essential for lung development, stomach maturation, protein needs, and temperature control.

The baby’s development is almost complete. If he was feeling a little impatient and decided to say hello now, chances are he wouldn’t have any difficulties performing like a baby born on, or after, his expected due date. 

Pregnancy Week 36: What To Do?

You still have a maximum of 3 or 4 weeks before delivery, they will pass on to weekly pre-checks. Inform your doctor if you have any medical complaint and have it treated. Get informed about the baby’s position, the estimated due date, and labor.

Rest and relaxation are now very important. Lie on your side and feel free to wear a bra at night. Mild discomforts can be reduced by gentle exercises such as walking, stretching, breathing, and yoga. These will also help you prepare for delivery.

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