Pregnancy Week 35

With this pregnancy week 35, you are just 5 weeks away from the big day. Rest as much as possible while following the relaxation techniques recommended by midwives during birthing classes, and don’t hesitate to sleep when you feel the need.

Your baby is 42 cm long and weighs about 2.1 kg. He looks chubby and his skin becomes more smooth and less wrinkly. Due to the limited space, he only turns around himself. 

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 35

By this week, you should have gained between 10 and 13 kg. It will now be difficult to find a comfortable posture. Lie on your side with your legs raised on a cushion to promote venous blood return, this position is the most comforting.

You may still have heartburn, reflux, shortness of breath, and frequent urination, as your organs are crushed together and pregnancy hormones keep relaxing your pelvic and abdominal muscles. All these symptoms will disappear once your baby is born and your uterus begins to narrow to its correct size.

Other symptoms you can expect at this time include pelvic girdle or hip pain, back pain, changes in breast size and shape, nipple blackening, constipation, occasional headaches, itching, indigestion, hemorrhoids, ligament pain, and stretch marks.

Baby Development

The baby’s immune system and brain are fully developed. He consumes too much amniotic fluid and urinates a lot. His intestines accumulate Meconium – the earliest stools of the infant, which he will quickly eliminate at birth.

Technically, a baby born at this stage looks like a full-term baby, and 99% of babies survive if they appear at week 35. But they are still premature and need adequate support to grow.

Pregnancy Week 35: What To Do?

It’s time to pack your hospital bag. Be ready and pack all the essential items you will need during labor and delivery, and after your baby is born. If you don’t know where to start, here are some ideas:

Birth plan – Lip Balm – Body lotion or massage oil – Nursing Bra – Nursing pads – Bathrobe and comfy clothes – Your own toiletries – Your own pillow pads – Underwear and Diapers – Slippers and flip-flops – Phone and charger – Snacks and drinks…

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