Pregnancy Week 33

From the pregnancy week 33, childbirth is in sight with just a few more weeks to go until the baby’s scheduled appearance. Your larger belly induces back pain, try to keep yourself in a good posture and get plenty of calcium!

For the baby, space becomes more restricted so that he can’ t move too much any more. Knees bent, arms and legs crossed, he is already in position for the victorious exit.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 33

Increasingly heavy and bulky, your belly worsens your arch and induces severe back pain. If he has turned around, your baby may rest his feet against your rib cage causing some discomfort. Try to adopt a straight posture, especially when seated. This should help.

Having trouble with night-time comfort and the need to use the bathroom regularly, you may find that sleep becomes like an old friend you haven’t seen for a while. Many pregnancy pillows can help, and you can even ask your partner to sleep in the spare room so you can both sleep better with more space.

You are probably showing some emotional symptoms. Significant changes in your hormone levels can affect the brain chemicals that regulate your mood. Along with physical stress and fatigue of the 3rd trimester, mood swings can reappear when your body prepares for childbirth.

Baby Development

Space is getting tighter for your baby who is now 39 cm long and weighs about 1.7 kg. If he hasn’t done so yet, it’s time to make the last flip-flop and turn his head down. In a breech position, the baby still has a good chance to adopt the right birth position in the next few weeks.

Very sensitive to external sounds (especially Dad’s voice), he reacts with moves but also with a high heart rate. When moving, you can now tell if it’s his hands or his legs! The fingernails of his hands reach his fingertips, but it will take a little longer before those of his feet achieve the same level.

Pregnancy Week 33: What To Do?

Your arms and legs may be swollen due to water retention, which is normal at this stage of pregnancy. Consider taking off your rings and avoid tight clothes that would worsen the pressure.

Also, avoid sleeping with your arm under the pillow as much as possible, as this may induce or increase tingling in your arms. To keep stronger your bones and those of your little one, choose a diet high in calcium.

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