Pregnancy Week 31

At pregnancy week 31, you and your baby are on the rise. Your belly is now much bigger, your breathing is shorter, and your back can make you suffer.

Oh yes, the baby has become really big and his limited space explains these small discomforts. He is 36 cm long now and weighs about 1.4 kg.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 31

Your weight and belly are much heavier. You are likely to suffer more from cramps (mainly at night): back pain, itchy belly, swelling, heartburn, indigestion, and acid reflux. Your breathing may be shorter due to the uterus position, which prevents the lungs from expanding.

You will notice changes in the size and shape of your breasts. Maybe something else around now: leaking boobs! A thick yellow substance that your body produces before your milk comes in properly, this is called colostrum or foremilk.

Some women experience it earlier in pregnancy, others don’t have it at all. Colostrum refers to milk at the beginning of feeding, it contains everything a baby needs at first. But your milk may not start to flow until a few days after your baby arrives.

Baby Development

Your baby is almost perfect at this stage. The hair covers his head and eyebrows, bones become stronger and harder, limbs and all organs in the right places. Although his eyes can open and close, the retina is still inactive. The color of his eyes will only be confirmed several months after his birth.

He will certainly move a little less than before because of the limited space. But you will always feel his moves, which will cause you some pain. The digestive system is working now and your little one can taste amniotic fluid, whose flavors vary according to your menus.

When it comes to the lungs, the surfactant appears. This substance secreted in the lungs will prevent the alveoli of the lung from collapsing. This is, therefore, an important step in the development of the respiratory system.

Pregnancy Week 31: What To Do?

The baby receives nutrients from the mother through the placenta. That’s why it’s important to keep eating healthy. If you still smoke, it’s not too late to stop. This gives the baby more oxygen, which he desperately needs now.

Baby hears better and better, it’s time to wake him up with your favorite tunes, in case you haven’t already done so. If you start having colostrum leaks, it is recommended to put a few breast pads in your bra.

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