Pregnancy Week 30

During this pregnancy week 30, your womb is housing an increasingly chubby baby and you can clearly notice it now! You have gained about 8 to 8.5 kg and your breasts are swollen, ready to breastfeed.

Your little one is drawing on your reserves, and this week shows significant fatigue, possibly accompanied by sleep disorders.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 30

Your belly is quite big now, which can sometimes interfere with your movements or even affect your balance. All this can contribute to poor sleep – it is now difficult to find a good sleeping position. Moreover, your body works hard to meet your baby’s growth needs.

As your uterus presses on your lungs, you are probably out of breath whenever you get up from bed. But this is a temporary phenomenon that subsides after the 34th week, when the baby’s head moves down.

Baby Development

Your baby, 36 cm long and about 1.3 kg in weight, is now able to regulate his temperature. His body is plump, chubby, his hair is thicker, and his eyelids open whenever he wants. Sucking and swallowing are improving. 

The brain has developed considerably, nerve fibers are better protected allowing brain impulses to travel faster. The respiratory system keeps developing, blood vessels have formed in his lungs, and your baby is now ready to breathe, even if it’s still difficult.

During this time, the baby can see what is happening in the womb. He distinguishes light from darkness and follows the external light source. He is also very receptive to sounds, you will even notice his surprise when hearing new sounds.

Pregnancy Week 30: What To Do?

You can stimulate your baby in many ways:

  • by gently tapping and rubbing your belly.
  • by playing some music and placing a headset on your tummy.
  • by singing a lullaby (ask Dad to do it, his deeper voice penetrates more easily to his ears).
  • by swimming as often as possible and sharing an aquatic environment with him.

Your pregnancy has already progressed well, it is time to start preparing your room so that everything can be ready when welcoming him. As soon as the baby arrives, he will need equipment.

For the first six months, specialists recommend that the newborn sleep in his parents’ room, right next to his mother’s bed. First, you can choose a bassinet: baby will be less lost in this small portable bed.

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