Pregnancy Week 29

For your pregnancy week 29, try to exercise regularly and gently, balance your meals, and drink plenty of water. The baby will normally reach his first kilo! It needs a lot of energy, calcium, vitamins, proteins, and iron. This can lead to fatigue.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 29

Your weight gain will increase, along with back pain, fatigue, and sciatica (in some women). You may also suffer from hemorrhoids, varicose veins, heavy legs, and swollen ankles.

Gastric and digestive disorders are classic third-trimester symptoms. With a lot of progesterone circulating in your system and relaxing your pelvic area, it becomes more flexible to deliver your baby.

Unfortunately, progesterone also relaxes much more than the pelvis, especially the digestive system. Constipation means that food is not processed as effectively, and you may find it quite difficult to move your bowels.

Baby Development

Baby keeps getting covered with a little more fat under the skin. He now weighs about 1/3 of his birth weight. His head has a good balance with the rest of his body, and his face looks more like what he will have at birth.

On the brain area, nerves gradually overlap with Myelin – a protective sheath that allows electrical impulses to transmit quickly and effectively along nerve cells. In the meantime, his movements lack some coordination. But he can still find his thumb easily to suck it.

The taste buds on his tongue and inside his cheeks work well. He can thus appreciate the flavor of the amniotic fluid, which varies according to what you eat.

Pregnancy Week 29: What To Do?

Walking, swimming, and yoga are gentle physical activities that you can regularly enjoy. This will help you stay in form and relieve your back pain. On the other hand, avoid any violent activities, rest, and become familiar with sleeping on your side (preferably on the left).

Also, be careful not to gain too much weight in the last months of pregnancy by eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water.

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