Pregnancy Week 27

Welcome to your pregnancy week 27 and your last trimester! You may be starting to really think about birth. If you haven’t already done so, now is a good time to start a birthing class where you can take some breathing and relaxation exercises.

The baby is switching between sleeping and waking up periods. He might have a great idea to do some acrobatics while you try to rest.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 27

As your belly keeps getting rounder, your weight increases and fatigue makes a big comeback. You may feel a shortness of breath as your growing uterus presses against your chest and prevents your lungs from expanding fully. But this is generally not a concern.

In addition, it becomes more difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Your spine tends to bend to compensate your belly weight, causing back pain. It is also common to have swollen legs and feet at the end of the day.

You will certainly be familiar with all the pains of late pregnancy at the end of the day, including hip and joint pains, gastric reflux, gas, frequent urination… You may also experience some short uterine contractions, which are very different from those of labor.

Baby Development

The baby is now about 32 cm long and weighs around 750 grams. Except for the constant development of the lungs and brain, your baby is almost perfect. You will probably notice more hiccups as his lungs train to breathe.

On the agenda this week:

  • Skeletal stability with bones that become stronger.
  • Nervous system enhancement with the formation of new nerves.
  • Weight gain with a bit of fat that begins to form under the skin.

Baby spends much time sucking his thumb – so many training phases before he can breastfeed. It is also from this stage that he learns to cry. Even if his sleep/acrobatic rhythms are more regular, they are not necessarily set on yours, and a few strong kicks can still wake you up at night.

Pregnancy Week 27: What To Do?

If you can’t feel any of your baby’s moves, such as hiccups or kicking, this doesn’t necessarily mean something wrong. The reason could also be a thick muscle or a layer of fat. However, if the baby has already been active and now seems less active, you should consult your doctor.

Now is not time to diet, your body needs extra calories every day. Eat as healthy as possible to gain weight and keep your baby healthy. If you gain too much or too little weight, you can discuss it with your doctor.

Deep-fried, fatty, or heavy foods should be avoided. Instead, eat fresh fruits and vegetables with a balanced mix of protein and calcium-rich foods. You can also take prescribed vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system.

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