Pregnancy Week 26

Pregnancy week 26 marks your transition from the second to the third (and last!) trimester. Baby is developing at high speed, he reacts more to the outside world and may even react to his mother’s stress. Another good reason to keep the environment calm and relaxed.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 26

You start getting heavy, you’ve probably gained about 6 kg. The liquid that supplies the placenta and the amniotic fluid increase, which makes your belly bigger. As a result:

  • your back and ligament hurt.
  • you spend your days – and sometimes nights – in the toilet.
  • your feet swell.
  • you feel tired.

As surprising as it may seem, you may find that your teeth and gums are much more sensitive than usual, and can bleed when you brush them. Don’t worry, it’s more likely to be part of pregnancy symptoms.

Baby Development

Although he is still thin, the baby is acquiring a better and better-shaped body every day. The mouth and eyes are more visible. The eyes are able now to better sense light and dark, and may react to a torch shining on your belly.

Measuring about 30 cm and weighing 800 g, baby grows every day. Muscles, bones, organs, and tissues continue to develop. The fingernails of his hands will be finished before those of his feet. However, his respiratory system still requires some maturation.

His hearing is now more sensitive. He can cough, sob, and make a pout with his mouth. He consumes a little amniotic fluid and makes his digestive system work.

Pregnancy Week 26: What To Do?

Baby can now hear some sounds – breathing, heartbeats, her mother’s voice, and other external sounds. Be careful not to disturb him too much, and don’t hesitate to play some of your favorite songs.

Consider having a good time of rest, raising your legs when you can, and respecting your physical resistance limits.

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