Pregnancy Week 25

By pregnancy week 25, it may become more difficult for you to carry your growing bump as your uterus continues to expand. But that’s not surprising since you’re only two weeks away from the third trimester.

Baby is now better supplied with nerve and muscle cells: he keeps moving more and more, and is now able to grab his feet and clench his hands!

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 25

At this stage of pregnancy, some women may have uterine contractions. Irregular and painless, they reflect preparation for future delivery. Most of the time, they are not perceptible by women.

Your digestive system may start suffering from weight gain: heartburn, indigestion, and constipation may appear. Cramps, hip pain, itching, and swelling are unfortunately all common at the moment. Carrying a baby 24 hours a day is a major strain for your body.

Baby Development

Measuring 28 cm and weighing almost 700 grams, the baby moves constantly, taking advantage of the space in the womb. He touch his feet and often puts his hands on his lips, which are some of the most sensitive parts of the body.

The adrenal gland begins to produce steroids, essential for your baby to cope with the stress of childbirth. The cerebral cortex also develops very fast.

Until now, your baby’s head and eyebrow hair has been a pure white color, but as the pigmentation changes at about 25 weeks, your baby’s hair will start to turn into its birth color.

Pregnancy Week 25: What To Do?

Try to split your meals to deal with your digestive problems. Walking after eating can also help you overcome these discomforts.

Iron deficiency is very common at the moment, as your blood supply increases to provide your growing baby with all the oxygen and nutrients he needs. Try to include lots of fruit and legumes in your diet, as well as fortified breads and cereals.

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