Pregnancy Week 24

You have reached another important milestone at pregnancy weeks 24. Enjoy it, because over the next three months you will grow a lot and be less mobile. It may be time to sign up for a birthing class.

While waiting for his birth, the baby keeps moving and can react to your caresses and noises.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 24

As in previous weeks, your blood volume has increased and is largely in the form of plasma, resulting in blood dilution, and anemia. This is generally due to a lack of iron, which is particularly common during pregnancy.

Meanwhile, your uterus is growing strongly, and every day you gain a little more weight. In general, you don’t suffer too much, except for some minor discomforts like back pain, fatigue, mild swelling of feet and ankles, etc. Once again, rest is the key!

You will now be more aware of the baby’s waking and sleeping phases. This has the benefit of adapting to these phases, and being able to sleep with your baby at the same time.

Baby Development

Baby is now 26 cm long and weighs 500 grams! His skin gets thicker but it is still very wrinkled as it does not yet contain enough fat. The fat cells will arrive in mass a little later. To protect it, a viscous and greasy substance covers it, it is called Vernix caseosa.

Eyelashes and eyebrows are in place. Behind its closed eyelids, the iris already has a particular coloration. But you will only discover its first look when it is born, and you will need even more patience to know his eyes color.

Regarding the body’s main functions, the lungs continue to develop and train for breathing. The barrier between lung alveoli and blood circulation becomes thinner, allowing the baby to breathe air after birth.

Pregnancy Week 24: What To Do?

Start working on the nursery or other home improvements while you still have the energy and a comfortable posture.

Anemia increases the risk of premature birth. If necessary, your doctor can prescribe iron in tablet form. On your side, you can adopt an iron-rich diet (fish, dried vegetables, etc).

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