Pregnancy Week 23

At pregnancy week 23, you should have gained about 3 kg, and you will feel much better than you did at the beginning of your pregnancy. For its part, baby is more and more active, it looks closer to the newborn baby you will discover in less than 18 weeks.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 23

Despite your body’s constant evolution, you will feel better overall now than in early pregnancy. However, you may be tired because the baby who produces his red blood cells is taking from your blood supply, and you may have an iron deficiency.

Your breasts are getting bigger and your nipples are starting to darken. The production of the first milk (or colostrum) will start. This is the time when the mother begins transmitting antibodies to her baby.

The uterus has reached its maximum weight. Its shape, until then rounded, will stretch out and become much more like a cylinder. As for your belly, it has become clearly rounded and it is difficult to hide it, even if it varies from one woman to another.

Digestive problems and heartburn are very common at this time of pregnancy and may persist until birth.

Baby Development

Baby now often sucks his thumb and can hear noises, especially low-pitched sounds. Looking for requests, he can react to Dad’s voice and even play with you if you pass your hand over your belly.

Often sucking his thumb will be useful for him to breast-feed once he has shown his little face on the outside.

Respiratory functions are activated, her lungs continue to grow and breathing movements are more frequent. The hair and nails continue to grow.

The baby is about 24 cm long and weighs about 450 g. The placenta is definitively formed and produces the necessary hormones for the proper development of the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Week 23: What To Do?

Babies and children are expensive! Set up a baby budget together with your partner. The expenses you should consider are childcare, diapers, wet wipes, replacement milk, clothing, health care, and toys.

Learn to positively manage the physical and emotional changes that occur during your pregnancy. Live well, eat well, exercise frequently, and maintain a good overall mood.

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