Pregnancy Week 21

If you have not yet had your “20 weeks” ultrasound, you should have it this pregnancy week 21. The morphology Scan will allow the doctor to examine all organs in detail, as well as the limbs and head. An emotional experience often filled with emotions…

On the other hand, the baby continues to move but spends most of his days sleeping.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 21

Due to increased weight and hormones, you may get hotter and sweat more. Your feet and legs may swell, and you may also have painful leg cramps or even varicose veins, as your uterus puts pressure on the veins in the pubic area.

Your appetite will increase as you now need about 500 calories more per day to maintain your metabolism. Although you should not “eat for two”, you should eat enough. Avoid fatty and ready-made foods.

Everything is often going well sexually, some women should even have more sexual activity during this second trimester of pregnancy.

Baby Development

Baby is moving more and more. He even plays with the umbilical cord, grabs his feet and often hits the uterine wall. But all these activities need a little rest, so he spends most of his days sleeping – almost 18 hours a day.

His sleep phases, more or less long, do not necessarily coincide with yours. You may notice that your baby is an early riser, waking you up in the morning with a gymnastics demonstration, and taking a nap after lunch.

Pregnancy Week 21: What To Do?

A quick home remedy for swollen legs are cold compresses and lifting your legs, you can put a pillow under your legs while you lie down. Avoid high-heeled shoes at this time and try to wear casual clothes with flat shoes.

Keep practicing light physical training to maintain your muscles strong and flexible. You can also relax and relieve problems such as back pain and constipation.

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