Pregnancy week 20

Pregnancy week 20 puts you both in the middle of the second trimester and in the middle of your pregnancy. For women whose pregnancies are not yet visible, things should change from this 20th week.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 20

Your appetite is increasing and you can start to see it on the balance, and on your waist circumference! This is not the time to start a diet, but make sure you have a balanced and varied diet.

Short sting pain on one or both sides comes from ligament stretching and is not something to worry about. Some women may also have digestive problems and may suffer from hemorrhoids during this period.

Your cardiovascular system is changing significantly and your blood pressure may drop from normal. This can lead to dizziness or faintness, especially if you get up suddenly. So make sure you move slowly from one position to another, and everything will be fine.

Baby Development

At this stage, the baby’s genitals are developed enough to be revealed by ultrasound. The eyes and ears are in their final position. His eyes look forward, they are no longer positioned on the sides of his face. The skin is transparent and thin.

The baby’s growth remains very fast, it measures 20 cm and already weighs about 240 grams. His muscles are growing more and more every day. As a result, the “butterfly wings” you felt a few weeks ago have been replaced by real kicks.

Pregnancy Week 20: What To Do?

Continue your healthy diet and exercise regularly. Iron is particularly important for increasing blood volume and compensating for blood loss during childbirth.

Good sources of iron are: eggs, chicken, dried fruits, wheat germ, oatmeal, spinach, leafy vegetables, dates, dried beans, and other dark fruits and vegetables. You can also take iron as a dietary supplement.

Since you probably already know the gender of the baby, you can think about a name.

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