Pregnancy Week 19

During this pregnancy week 19, your uterus continues to develop, which results in a more rounded belly. Do you feel strange movements like little bubble pops or tiny muscle twitches? Don’t worry, it’s baby, in the middle of a gym session!

At the end of his 4th month of pregnancy, the baby is now 19 cm long and weighs about 200 grams.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 19

You may experience dizziness or mild fainting spells when you change positions; this is usually due to lower blood pressure. Lie on your back, feet up, then stand up slowly. Things should quickly return to normal.

Many women notice dry, scaly skin on some parts of the body. You may notice dark spots on the skin of your face, nipples, and forearms.

You may also experience occasional pain in your legs: your sciatic nerve is probably compressed by the growing baby. Unbearable for some women, these pains can be reduced by limiting the standing position or by placing pillows under your legs when sleeping.

Baby Development

Still active at the end of the 4th month of pregnancy, baby continues to make you feel his presence. Although some fat has accumulated under his skin, he still appears very thin and his head appears quite big for his weak neck.

The neural network is consolidated, allowing a greater awakening of the baby’s five senses – vision, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. His eyes make random movements under the eyelids, but they are still closed.

Pregnancy Week 19: What To Do?

Many women take natural remedies at this time of pregnancy. However, do not take these medications without informing your doctor.

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