Pregnancy week 18

It is from pregnancy week 18 that some women feel their babies moving. Beyond the little pregnancy pains associated with his presence, you are now one of those women who feel the baby’s first movements. You can feel it inside you!

You are starting a much more peaceful period of your pregnancy. This is a week of increasing appetite and increasing waistline in which your environment is aware of your new state.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 18

Nausea is most likely gone. Your facial features are getting rounder, as is your belly, which is now starting to take shape. You will now be able to feel your belly from the outside, it is about the size of a melon.

Itching is particularly noticeable when clothes are too tight, and slight stretch marks may appear. It is preferable to treat them with the appropriate skincare cream or cocoa butter lotion.

You will urinate more often and you may also have indigestion and constipation problems. This is due to the slower activity of your intestinal tract, and the pressure that your uterus exerts on the bladder as it grows.

Baby Development

At this stage, the baby’s genitals are developed enough to be revealed by ultrasound. The eyes and ears are in their final position. His eyes look forward, they are no longer positioned on the sides of his face. The skin is transparent and thin.

As the baby has more space in the womb, he moves more and you start to feel the first kicks. It is a small marvel of 17 cm and 150 grams that is now active inside you!

Pregnancy Week 18: What To Do?

Most women have an ultrasound scan between 18 and 22 weeks to see how the baby develops. Decide if you want to know the gender of your baby.

To keep your energy level high, you can eat high-fiber foods, as well as high-protein dried fruits and snacks such as chicken, low-fat cheese, raisin oatmeal, soy milk, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables.

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