Pregnancy Week 17

Pregnancy week 17 is a pleasant time. The body has adapted to its changes and you are really starting to enjoy your pregnancy. However, you may still experience moments of fatigue and drowsiness to which you must respond with rest.

Baby is more and more active and just like you, he is in good health! He is now 16 cm long and weighs almost 120 grams.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 17

You will start having a higher libido in the second trimester, and your sexuality will improve greatly during this period. Your belly grows, moving the other internal organs to make room for the uterus, which will push your intestines up and to one side in your abdomen.

Occasionally, this can cause sciatic pain in the legs, which can be very severe at times. Your urge to urinate becomes more pressing again and small abdominal pain may appear. 

However, these discomforts are not comparable to the first few months, and should not affect your good mood.

Baby Development

Your baby moves a lot, his fingers are well developed and begin to grip. A few more days to wait, and he will signal his presence in a more obvious way.

Inside his lungs, tiny air sacs (the alveoli) begin to appear, although for the moment they are of course still filled with amniotic fluid. He’s breathing through your blood.

Pregnancy Week 17: What To Do?

Take a break to relax with your partner. This is a good time to travel because you probably feel good and not too heavy; consider having a romantic stay.

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