Pregnancy Week 15

With pregnancy week 15 begins a pleasant period of your pregnancy. Free of your nausea and weakness, you are filled with energy. It is also the week when your baby reaches about 11 cm and weighs more than 50 g.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 15

Your libido increases considerably due to increased blood flow in the pelvic area. The low weight gain at this stage of pregnancy allows partners to enjoy a satisfying sexual experience.

Even if delivery is still far away, your breasts begin to make colostrum, the fluid that will feed your baby in the very first days, before the breast milk starts rising.

Baby Development

By interacting with his environment, your baby becomes sensitive to your attention. The caresses through your belly make him/her feel better.

Baby can now move his arms, legs, hands, open and close his mouth, and spreads his fingers, which are now separated. The inner ear has developed so much that it can now hear! The first hair follicles also form.

It is now almost 11 cm long and weighs just over 50 g. His head measures 3.5 cm in diameter.

Pregnancy Week 15: What To Do?

While your belly is still quite small, you still don’t have any problems lying on your back. You can already sleep on the side to avoid complications in later pregnancy.

From this week on, the baby can hear sounds. You can listen to soft music and talk to your baby.

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