Pregnancy Week 14

During your pregnancy week 14, your breasts become heavier and a small dark line may appear around your navel. Baby starts showing human aspects.

It is time for you to declare your pregnancy since the risk of miscarriage decreases sharply in the first week of your pregnancy.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 14

You have now started the second trimester of your pregnancy. Your skin is soft and clean, your hair is thick and shiny! Your body weight and waist circumference are slowly increasing, you should have gained about 1.5 kg.

Belly roundness begins to appear in some women. As the ligaments supporting your belly become more stretched, they trigger some groin pain, which you often perceive as a kind of side stitch.

Pregnancy hormones slow down the movements of the intestinal muscles, leading to bowel laziness accompanied by stomach cramps, bloating, and digestive difficulties. 

Baby Development

The fingers of his hands and feet remain separate but not completely distinct. The eyelids develop, the face begins to adopt human lines, the jaw prepares to accommodate the 20 baby teeth, the nails and hair begin to grow.

Baby can now look angry, make faces and blink. At this stage, it measures about 10 cm and weighs about 40 grams.

Pregnancy Week 14: What To Do?

The time for relaxation has come. However, this is not the time for a diet, as it could affect your baby’s health. Eat a healthy diet that includes whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fruits, and vegetables.

Mood swings are very common and come with questions like: Will I be a good mother? Is the baby born healthy? You can reduce these feelings by asking your gynecologist important questions, reading, or taking a pregnancy course.

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