Pregnancy Week 13

Pregnancy week 13 marks the end of the first trimester. Your belly gets bigger, as does your appetite. Be careful not to eat twice as much. For baby, the first bones appear and the spine develops.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 13

As your uterus grows, it can cause abdominal pain, triggered by stretched ligaments around the uterus. This usually happens when you change position or get up suddenly.

From now on, your risk of miscarriage is very low and your chances of carrying your pregnancy to term are high. However, if you have bleeding and fever, you should inform your doctor immediately.

Baby Development

The baby’s face has a truly human appearance. The eyes are getting closer, the ears are in their final position, and all the face elements are there: eyes, nose, chin, mouth, lips.

The head still represents about a third of the body. Your baby is now over 8 cm and weighs almost 30 grams.

Pregnancy Week 13: What To Do?

You feel the need to eat anything and everything at any time of the day. That’s normal! Baby continues to grow and you can’t resist your growing desires. Remember to drink regularly.

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