Pregnancy Week 11

By pregnancy week 11, some unpleasant symptoms will disappear gradually. An ideal time to fully enjoy your maternity, and slowly gain some weight.

In your belly, the embryo finally becomes a fetus and measures 5.5 cm per 9 grams!

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 11

No more nausea and breast pain! Hormone production will stabilize and, gradually, the symptoms you experienced in early pregnancy will disappear. However, your heart rate increases, causing shortness of breath with a slight effort.

Another positive point: your uterus gradually rises into the abdominal cavity to gain space. This will ease the pressure on your bladder, and limit your urge to urinate at the moment.

Baby Development

All baby’s organs are there, but still very small. He moves, he takes advantage of the space offered by the amniotic cavity to turn around, make small jumps, and try his newest muscles.

Pregnancy Week 11: What To Do?

Make sure you get enough sleep, and remember to drink plenty of water during the day. Your kidneys are also under great stress, having to eliminate both yours and your baby’s waste. 

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