Pregnancy Week 10

With pregnancy week 10, the 2nd month comes to an end. The body begins to produce more blood to provide food to the baby. As a result, the heart beats faster, which can cause palpitations.

Regarding the embryo, it measures 3 cm and weighs about 3 grams.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Week 10

The breasts continue to grow, they become heavier, warmer, and more painful – many bluish veins appear. Other symptoms include fatigue and tiredness, or even sleep problems.

Rising levels of pregnancy hormones also tend to worsen nausea and vomiting. Your skin becomes more oily, to the point of causing acne and other temporary skin disorders.

Baby Development

The following days are essential for the constitution of his eyes and internal ears, responsible for hearing but also for balance. His brain is developing at full speed as well as his sensory organs.

The main organs (liver, kidney, heart, lungs) are formed. The tongue, nostrils and salivary glands appear. The skeleton gets harder and the baby is officially a fetus.

Pregnancy Week 10: What To Do?

Consider buying a new larger bra and wearing comfortable trousers because of the larger breasts and abdomen.

Physical activity can limit excessive weight gain, reduce stress and fatigue, stimulate blood circulation, improve transit, and decrease the risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension.

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