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Pains During Pregnancy

Pains and discomforts are very common during pregnancy, particularly in the second and third trimesters, since your baby is gaining more weight and you are less active than before.

Pregnancy Hormones

Understanding pregnancy hormones and how they can affect your body will allow you to better anticipate and prevent the physical and physiological changes you will experience.

Pregnancy Early Symptoms

Pregnancy early symptoms vary from woman to woman, they can also vary in intensity, frequency, and duration. For some pregnant women, these symptoms appear in the first few weeks after conception.

Pregnancy Stress

Low level of pregnancy stress is quite normal, just as it is in other times of life. However, high levels of stress that persist for long periods of time can cause health disorders.

Labor Pain Management

Physicians share their options in the delivery room to help pregnant women manage their labor pains without risk to the baby. Their tips include labor pain management and how to cope with pain during childbirth.

High-Risk Pregnancy

What is a high-risk pregnancy? And when to consider a woman’s pregnancy as high-risk?
Physicians explain conditions and medical concerns that may induce complications during pregnancy.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Most exercises are safe during pregnancy, as long as you practice them with care and without overdoing too much. Swimming, walking, and yoga are the safest and most effective choices for a fit pregnancy.

Pregnancy Weight Gain

After getting pregnant, it is normal to gain weight as your baby needs a regular supply of nutrients and calories to grow during her stay in the womb. But, how much weight should you gain, and how is it distributed in your body?