Parents of twin toddlers: 8 ways to keep your sanity

These days, it seems like there are more and more families with twins. And, when you have twins, the day is never long enough to get everything done that needs to be done. So how do you survive having two toddlers? This blog post will offer 8 ways that will help make your life easier!

It’s a challenge to raise twins. You will, however, survive twin toddlerhood, believe it or not (and I understand if you don’t). Hey, didn’t you get them this far?

Those blonde-haired surprises running around my house became full-fledged little boys, no matter how much my mama-heart wanted to reject it when they were no longer toddlers. I can’t tell you how we got there, but I can tell you about some of the things we discovered.

Here are my six best parenting advice for twin toddlers that won’t drive you insane.

1. Fences all over the place

And by “everywhere,” I don’t just mean in the city. Fences on the playground, in the house, in the yard. Fences, fences, fences are all over the place. Because you don’t want one twin to flee one way and the other toward a street, forcing you to pick between them. Fences.

2. Potty training time

One way to make life easier is to work on potty training. This can be a challenge with one toddler, let alone two! However, if you want your toddlers out of diapers by the time they are three years old, it’s important that both start learning at the same time. Make sure to choose rewards for when they use their new big-kid underpants and try not to get angry or frustrated when accidents happen – just move forward.

3. Demand a simultaneous nap

Yes, every child is unique, and no, not every child naps well. But! Your twins can be taught to respect nap or “rest” time. Keep on trucking! Put on your serious mom look and put on one of those staff T-shirts that says “nice but firm.” Every day is like winning the mom lotto if you have toddler twins who nap together.

4. Locate and visit safe locations

Do you have pals who love you despite your kids tearing down their drapes or puking on their floors (accidentally or intentionally)? Spend time with the folks who share your interests. Several times over. Do you have any favorite parks or playgrounds where your children and you both feel safe? They deserve frequent visits. Having go-to spots that you’re familiar with helps you build a routine and lessens the drama of your outings. Mama will be happier if there is less drama in her life.

5. Play dates with twin families

Another tip is setting up play dates with other twin families so that everyone gets some adult interaction while the kids play together in another room. You will also need help from family members or friends who don’t have children yet but love spending time around little ones (this may include your spouse or a nanny). You can even arrange for your twins to take turns visiting each other’s house.

6. It’s okay to say no

I can’t help but smile when others ask our family to dinner. I tell myself, “You have no idea what you’re asking.” “You have met us, right?” I speak aloud occasionally. Going to new locations with hyperactive toddler twins, on the other hand, can be enjoyable! It’s going to be a blast! It can, however, be a very unpleasant experience. (Raise your hand if you’ve promised yourself that you’ll never take your children out to eat until they’re at least 12 years old.) (Am I the only one?) It’s perfectly acceptable to say no to an invitation if your instinct tells you that the effort will far outweigh the benefit. Some journeys are well worth the effort. If they aren’t, don’t be scared to say no.

7. Accept the clutter as a part of your life (even the non-Instagram-worthy ones)

It’s fine that this is your life right now. It’s actually rather good. It’s quite fantastic, actually. As a result, you’ll have more dishes than you’d like. The walls, coffee table, and possibly the sofa will all be covered in marker. You’ll feel as though a mountain of laundry has consumed your life, which is often the case. But, as they say, they’re only young for a short time. Isn’t it a blessing from God? But, thank God, for these few moments of messiness, filthy jokes, and stupid faces. Slow down and take in your surroundings. This magnificent path is not open to everyone.

8. Keep in mind that this (specific) madness is just temporary

Sure, having two preschoolers, two kindergartners, and two middle schoolers at the same time will be wild…but it will be a different kind of crazy. The chaos evolves, which is a wonderful thing, particularly when it comes to your sanity. This stage of following two toddlers around everywhere, attempting to keep them from climbing the mantel, leaping off furniture, or eating the pet food for fun, isn’t going to last forever. Take many pictures. As much as you can, laugh. Take three deep breaths and deliver two uninvited hugs if everything else fails.

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