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Middle back pain in early pregnancy

Middle back pain is quite normal in early pregnancy. So don’t panic! You don’t have to worry unless it becomes unbearable. Mid-back pain represents all forms of discomfort and pain in the area from lower to upper back.

What causes middle back pain in early pregnancy?

It should be noted that the back and abdominal muscles are antagonistic: some balance the effects of others.

In early pregnancy, as the baby’s fertilized egg grows after implantation, muscles in your abdomen stretch and are forced to hold additional weight.

The muscles in the back are under severe strain as they constantly try to pull backward, pulling forward. However, since the abdominal muscles are relaxed and distended, they can’t support the back muscles and your posture will change, causing your mid back pain.

So there is a shift in the center of gravity which, accompanied by bad posture, can lead to mid-back pain. Increased hormone production causes some of this and even leads to abdominal pain, making it difficult to stand, sit or walk properly.

Pain can also spread to other areas of the back due to many muscle contractions. Excessive smoking, as well as anxiety and stress, can be conditions that promote mid-back pain.

Severe middle back pain during early pregnancy

You must be careful about ectopic pregnancy. I would recommend consulting your midwife or doctor if your mid-back pain becomes too much or is accompanied by bright red bleeding and/or clots if you have a fever or start to have pain while urinating.

Persistent pain and cramping, especially during the first few weeks of pregnancy, should be reported to the doctor. The pain may start sharply or gradually increase to an unbearable level. This kind of pain could be a sign of miscarriage.

Some factors can increase pain in the middle of the back (sit posture, bed rest, and so on). To avoid inconvenience, you can ease your pain by giving careful attention to your posture, sleeping at your side and adapting your work environment (office chair, etc).

Ways to reduce mid-back pain in early pregnancy

  1. Sitting on a chair, back straight (not curved), with your chin pointed towards your chest, extend your arms overhead. Cross your fingers, turn your palms up to the sky and push your hands upwards while blowing slowly. This will stretch the entire back region.
  2. It is not time to tone-up your abdominal muscles. But you can still activate them without imposing too many constraints. How? By practicing abdominal breathing: inhaling inflating the belly, then expiring long by blowing out the mouth, emptying it.
  3. Chiropractic care can also relieve pain in the middle back, but it’s a good idea to see your doctor and make sure it’s just pain.

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