15 things parents of pre-teen twins and triplets get familiar with

Are you a mom or dad of two pre-teen twins? It’s quite an adventure for parents when their kids are approaching this age, and it seems like there’re SO much to learn about parenting in general. Here are 15 things you’d probably get used to when you have pre-teen twins or triplets!

1. Being referred to as mummy or daddy is no longer acceptable.

Although that happened years ago for some of us, we haven’t even noticed it since then. Others may claim that their preteens still refer to them as ‘that’ at home, but this will never happen in public!

2. Conversations that leave you feeling dizzy and dizzy.

You recognize the words, but for some reason they don’t make any sense to you! Was he serious when he said Mike was dropping him? … It wasn’t a mic drop.

3. Being cool is no longer an option.

This is a tough one! As parents, you want to teach your kids that being cool isn’t everything. But as preteens grow up and start making their own decisions, they tend to do the exact opposite of what mommy or daddy says…

4. Discovering a new superpower is a thrilling experience.

Nothing seems to be able to wow them any longer…but there is a positive aspect to this. Who would have known that being humiliating could be such a blast?!?! Dancing about the house while lip-syncing will give you the best results… However, you should never attempt to give them an unwelcome embrace in front of their friends – use your superpower appropriately.

5. A refrigerator that is completely bare.

As well as bare cupboards. That growth surge, which has now arrived, appears to be lasting an extremely lengthy period of time.

6. Your children are still a few inches shorter than you – but only just.

Take advantage of it while you can because their ‘tall’ pals are already significantly taller than you. Sometimes we feel like our children never stop growing and today’s preteens are on average taller than ever.

7. The opposite sex starts to interest them…

As parents, you want to stay out of the way as much as possible when it comes to this topic. You don’t want your kids’ first experiences to be awkward or embarrassing. So you keep reminding them that they can always come to you and ask for help, but you’re also very careful not to push it too much…

8. You’re enlisting the assistance of your 12-year-olds to use ‘technology.’

When you inadvertently demonstrate your inadequate understanding of YouTube or the most recent memes, you may expect a lot of eye rolls.

9. You’re preteens, you love to laugh and play!

One of the best things about having pre-teen twins is enjoying their laughter. They can make fun of you all they want (even if it’s not always super funny) because your bond will never be threatened… But this doesn’t mean that your ‘humor’ isn’t still under review…

10. Homework!

Of course, when the moaning becomes unbearable, you step in to provide assistance. Then you rapidly realize that you have absolutely no idea how to go about doing it! (Can anyone think of a synonym?)

11. Seeing your children develop into their own, distinct individuals.

Of course, you do everything you can to keep your children safe. But most of the time, you can only stand by and listen while they ride the roller coaster of emotions that is adolescence’s first year.

12. Increase your independence by giving (and receiving) a little more freedom.

With increasing freedom comes greater responsibility – and, as a result, for you, more concern at times! But you also know that independence is important to them so, while it might be a tough line to walk at times, you try your best.

13. You can now remove the title of “social secretary” from your job description.

The ability to cross the road on their own has been instilled in them by you. They’re now riding the bus to school and messaging their classmates to arrange a meet-up at a nearby park to avoid driving.

14. Being able to watch more movies with your mini-adults and staying out later is a huge plus.

However, this also means that kids will be going to bed later and will be watching more television. Your cosy evenings in with the TV remote in your possession may be numbered, but it will be well worth it to spend some quality time with our children. They’re growing up at an alarming rate.

15. A new kind of dialogue is taking place.

However, you continue to possess a small advantage over them in terms of knowledge, and they continue to seek out your words of wisdom. Take advantage of the situation while it lasts!

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this list as much as we did. If you have any more things that come to mind, please feel free to include them in the comments below!

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